Putting Renewi at the heart of the circular economy

Wardour’s relationship with Renewi spans many years, dating back to before Renewi itself was born in 2017 out of a merger between UK-based Shanks Group plc and Dutch-based Van Gansewinkel. Today it is a FTSE 250 waste recycling company.

We had worked on the annual reporting suite for one of the companies involved in the deal, Shanks, since 2014. We have worked with the merged entity ever since, advising on reporting best practice and helping them to explain the circular economy and the key role they play; to articulate Renewi’s positive impact across three key sustainability themes: People, Planet and Partnerships; and to indicate the business’ mission to transform waste into essential new products, in order to sustain tomorrow by acting today to re-use materials and protect our environment.

With a new corporate strategy and three clear sustainability themes this year: The world, Our approach and Our impact, it was time for a new and distinctive approach, celebrating and explaining Renewi’s role at the heart of the circular economy.

Renewi Annual Report 2021 cover

Our work spans the creation of the annual report and ancilliaries as well as Renewi’s sustainability report. Renewi puts a huge emphasis on creativity, wanting us to produce visual assets that can be used in presentations and other corporate campaigns.

We created a succinct sustainability review as an animated pdf with separate, more detailed downloads available online. We took an outside in approach, inviting the reader to engage with “Let’s create a more circular, greener world”. We created short, succinct chapters, supplemented with embedded infographics and powerful, emotive photography.

The Sustainability Review takes messages from the ARA and presents them in more accessible form for a broader audience whilst the online report has subtly animated elements and page builds to help bring the publication to life and increase engagement.

Renewi Sustainability Review 2021

The result? An annual report and sustainability review with a difference. As suite of investor communications that is engaging and works for many audiences.