Across our content marketing services we combine fearless creativity with journalistic know-how and a business-savvy approach.

We use powerful storytelling to help some of the biggest brands maintain their visibility and win customers. In today’s rapidly changing content landscape, our expertise in everything from simple blog writing to interactive video and generative AI is helping businesses rapidly adapt their marketing to stay ahead of the curve.

Content marketing differs from other forms of marketing because it focuses on the subjects that interest the target audience rather than simply what a company wants to sell. Our experience of working with brands as diverse as EY, Deutsche Bank, Renewi and Arup, has proved that when you take this approach you build not just sales, but also brand awareness and loyalty.

The huge changes we are now seeing in the way content is created means that storytelling is becoming more complex and doing it well across every audience and platform has become a significant differentiator. Yet, while the rise of technology within digital marketing can seem daunting, the key ingredient of a successful content strategy has remained the same since we launched our content marketing agency in London more than a quarter of a century ago – fearless creativity.

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Intelligent content marketing

We are intelligent storytellers and harness that creativity to make complex subjects interesting, rather than simple, by developing high-quality content. We bring corporate strategies and achievements vividly to life, whether the goal is to increase website traffic and sales, enhance reputation or demonstrate social purpose. Sometimes the right approach for a client is an expertly written blog post. Sometimes it’s something more visual, involving graphic design, website design, video, animation or interactive infographics.

What links all of our projects is a well-crafted content marketing strategy that is tailored to every individual client and marketing campaign, and overseen by a talented creative director. When necessary, our campaigns span both physical and digital assets – we once covered the whole side of a building in the centre of Newcastle with an ad for a major content programme.

Getting the content strategy right at a time like this when, for example, AI is being integrated into search engines’ algorithms and disrupting digital marketing, is critical. Because of this, we often use AI tools ourselves to inform our SEO services, carry out keyword research, gain previously unavailable insight for our content marketing and refine search engine optimisation. And, like any good digital agency, we closely monitor Google analytics to understand what resonates with audiences.

Our achievements in working with clients on their content programmes have been recognised through industry awards over many years. We’ve been recognised for everything from global campaigns to purpose-focused content and from video to print magazines.

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Fearless content creation

We were founded by former FT journalists, and we take a journalistic approach to content marketing. We interview, we analyse and we develop great content designed to intrigue and fascinate any potential customer. We write great copy, but we can also supercharge it by using AI to optimise our blogs and articles for digital marketing. And where necessary we develop targeted social media campaigns to support our content.

It’s tempting for marketers to believe that AI can write their online content and there’s no need for such journalistic expertise in content marketing campaigns. We believe, however, that these are exactly the skills that search engines like Google will be looking for as their algorithms continue to evolve to identify engaging content produced by real humans with unique insights, rather than machines.

Innovative video approaches

We’ve also been developing corporate videos for years and we produce everything from CEO interviews and emotive films using only stock footage, to animation. We often find unexpected and powerful ways to visualise difficult concepts. We’re particularly proud of our film visualising risk for an insurance company, for which we set a stuntman on fire! A recent video production achieved a social media milestone with well over two million views on YouTube.

Technology is changing the way content marketing videos are made and we are staying ahead of the curve. Like every good content marketing agency, we’ve made use of technology, such as drones, for years, but we are now focusing on interactive video and the potential of AI.

Our interactive video content is achieving great results because it allows visitors to choose exactly what they want to watch. Not only that, but viewers can click at specific points in each film to bring up more details about the brand story. And we now use an exciting tool called Wonder Dynamics that automatically animates CG characters into live action scenes.

A recent video production achieved a social media milestone with well over two million views on YouTube

AI in content creation

We are also aware that our clients are grappling with the issues that the use of AI in creative content has revealed and want their digital marketing agency to help them understand where it is appropriate to use the technology. A court in the US, for example, recently refused to allow a researcher to copyright an image created by AI and we’re following such issues to understand where they impact our content marketing programmes.

As a content marketing agency, we provide an innovative and creative content marketing services. Whether it’s elegant and traditional print or AI-powered digital strategy, the compelling content we create elevates any brand story.

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