How to create the perfect podcast

by Bethan Rees – Mar 23, 2021

In the first episode of our series Wardour talks, editor Bethan Rees explores the key ingredients of a successful podcast. Can it be attributed to the recording equipment you use, the presenter, the subject or how good your guest list is?

Bethan interviews Andrea Fox, journalist, broadcaster and podcaster about her experience in creating podcast content that audiences get excited by. She shares some of her tips of the trade, how to pick a podcast topic and how to go about choosing guests.

This episode of Wardour Talks is accompanied by Bethan's recent blog post 'Professionalising podcasts'



And, we couldn't publish a post about podcasting without having a podcast. If you would rather listen to our interview - perhaps on your daily run - here's our audio version, hosted on Podbean.



Published Mar 23, 2021

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