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Published Jul 12, 2014 – By James de Mellow, Editor


People love online video. More than six billion hours are watched on YouTube each month and 100 hours are uploaded to the site every minute. And, thanks to increasing mobile broadband speeds, it is easier than ever to access video content on the go.

With these trends in mind, we have created a pair of infographic videos for /review, the always-on content wall we produce for digital security specialist Gemalto. Both have been widely shared on social media, especially on LinkedIn, where Gemalto regularly posts content to its 78,000 followers.

The first video involved taking a foldout infographic cover we produced for The Review, /review’s sister magazine, and turning it into a compelling video.

After creating and animating the images – in a warm style that is quite different from the more futuristic feel that much of Gemalto’s other video output has – all that was left was to select the soundtrack. We chose a beat-heavy, African-influenced theme to give the video drive. Because the videos are uploaded onto YouTube, they are easily accessible for use at any future time – both for Gemalto and the companies it influences. Just as brands are becoming newsrooms, they are also turning into broadcasters, meaning that video is about to get even bigger.

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