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Published Nov 04, 2020 – By Wardour


As a journalistically-led agency, we are able to turn complex and ever-developing subjects into engaging content that readers will respond to. We also know who can deliver the best insights into these topics. And that person isn’t always on the payroll.

Over almost 25 years, Wardour has nurtured a network of journalists, authors and experts who have built careers specialising in niche subject areas or have hands-on experience of the sectors they write about. They can unpick the nuance of their chosen topics, translating sometimes technical, often complex content into stories that demystify and inspire.

Energetic predictions

Antenna magazine, which we produce on behalf of investment management firm Brewin Dolphin, takes a look at the life-changing developments the near future will bring. Each edition explores a single theme, providing an overview of how it will affect our lives and the associated investment opportunities.

For an edition on the future of energy we commissioned clean energy writer and analyst Rohan Boyle to explore the world of storage, a key piece of the puzzle in producing stable energy supplies from renewable sources. Rohan has been covering new energy finance for Bloomberg since 2005, reporting and contributing to reports, including an analysis of global trends in renewable energy investment produced on behalf of the UN Environment Programme.

Rohan has a master’s in Environmental Technology, making him ideal for separating the trends from the headlines, explaining where the most promising investment opportunities are in a market where new technologies abound. He was able to take this highly technical topic and map out the bigger picture for the lay reader, answering the question, ‘How will the lights remain on when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining?’

Sally Percy is another member of Wardour’s extended family. She specialises in writing about financial reporting and corporate governance and is a former editor of Accountancy magazine (the journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales). Wardour has a long-standing relationship with professional services network EY and we have regularly taken advantage of Sally’s expertise and extensive contacts on projects for EY Assurance, in particular the Reporting content programme and the Sustainable Audit Quality Guide.

Sustainable insights

The Review is a print magazine we produce for the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. Each issue provides a wealth of information on hot topics in financial services to a demanding readership of securities, investment, wealth and financial planning professionals.

With the October 2020 issue devoted entirely to responsible finance, we reached out to journalist Paul Bryant. He’s recently published Sustainable Investing for Everyone — A Private Investor’s Guide and works as a financial analyst covering Impax Asset Management, which is investing in the opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

Paul’s piece on innovative responsible finance explored some of the most promising and impactful innovations in the field, including transition bonds and the scaling up of rapid private markets for carbon offsets and nature-based solutions. Using him on The Review meant that it wasn’t just Wardour who could feel confident in the article’s financial insights and assumptions, but also our client and, ultimately, the reader.

For Wardour, our journalistic approach means we’re always on the lookout for writers like Paul. Being able to draw upon a community of trusted specialists complements and enhances the work of our editors as we help clients deliver new messages, tell new stories and start new conversations.

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