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Published Jul 18, 2017 – By Jack Morgan, Production Manager


Here at Wardour, we always endeavour to produce our best work on every project. That means that our job doesn’t end with design and copy being signed off.

Quality control is maintained throughout the process, including working closely with our printers to look at publications as they are being produced.

From checking the correct paper is being used, monitoring the finish on the pages, to ensuring it is packaged correctly; we keep a close eye on each step of the printing process.

I recently attended a press pass on behalf of British Heart Foundation, to check on the production of the latest issue of the award-winning Heart Matters.

With over 305,000 copies of the magazine printing each quarter, here are some facts and figures to show exactly what goes in to every issue:

The paper used for Heart Matters weighs 63 tonnes, the equivalent of eight old Routemaster buses

The paper reels used are 870mm wide, and would reach 740km in length if unwound. That would be long enough to reach from London to Geneva

The ink weighs 2.5 tonnes, the same as 2,576 litres of red wine

The wire needed to stitch the spine measures 15,000 metres in length. To put it in perspective, the combined height of Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro is only 14,743 metres

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