St James’s Place

Building a community of entrepreneurs

SJP is one of the UK’s best-known wealth managers. Our role for the firm is very defined: help build a community of entrepreneurs among its partners’ client bases.

First, we designed and developed an app, which allows SJP partners to understand more about the businesses of their clients who are entrepreneurs: The more SJP knows the better it can advise. One tool within it helps entrepreneurs pinpoint where they are on their journey from start-up to exit.

We designed and built a content site to house insights which meet the needs of these clients. It’s optimised for both desk-top and mobile usage.

On a monthly basis we add content to reflect the changing business world. Content is distributed to clients by email according to where they say they are on their business life journey. New content is also automatically distributed to SJP Partners so they can incorporate it into their own web platforms and social channels such as LinkedIn.

The project combines many key elements of Wardour’s offer: great content and creative advice on a specialist subject, expertise in web and email marketing, coding of content platforms and analysis of engagement data. You can visit the site here