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Applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, starting a new job, meeting new colleagues, and crucially, knowing where the coffee machine is – joining a new organization can be stressful at the best of times, and as we learned during the coronavirus pandemic, even more so at the worst of times.

However, amid a nation-wide lockdown, life continued on as people remained career-minded and applied for roles, interviews took place and companies planned for a safe return to the office.

One such company is Sucden Financial, a leading commodities broker based in London. As part of a wider brand rollout, Sucden Financial wanted to improve their engagement with interview candidates and new starters in a way that championed their brand identity and answered many frequently asked questions about the recruitment process.

Their HR department knew that their candidates and new joiners were hungry for information and that delivering that information digitally was vital, particularly as face-to-face opportunities had come to a near stand-still. The Sucden HR team had identified three stages on their recruitment journey:

  1. Candidate selection and interview preparation
  2. What to expect in the first three months of joining
  3. Benefits available after the three-month probation period

We were tasked with bringing these three stages to life, so we worked closely with the Sucden Financial HR team to script and storyboard three animated videos that clearly explained what was expected of candidates and new joiners as they were onboarded, as well as promoting why Sucden Financial is a great place to work. During the Autumn of 2020, we were able to attend their office to film b-roll footage in a Covid-secure manner, proving that despite the challenges of 2020, we had the can-do attitude needed to organise and capture the type of footage that we knew would encourage audience engagement and promote brand identity.

With the scripts and filming plan approved, we created detailed storyboards with brand new icons and graphics that helped tell the story of each recruitment stage, and after they were animated, set up a voiceover to provide further gravitas. After five actors were shortlisted, our final actor was chosen, who later delivered voiceovers that provided the reassuring and confident voice integral to Sucden Financial and their brand values.

Accompanied by a music track that we sourced, the three videos were delivered and rolled out. The HR team at Sucden Financial were delighted with the results and really enjoyed the collaborative process of working on the videos, saying that among the gloom of 2020, working with Wardour was a positive, enjoyable experience and one that they were looking to repeat in 2021.

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