Our relationship with Renewi spans many years, in fact from before Renewi itself was actually born in 2017 out of a merger. Over the time we have been a comms partner we have worked on a wide range of projects, from leading on the roll-out of the new brand to delivering employee engagement campaigns.

One consistent thread of steel has been the support we have offered as the creative agency for the firm’s annual report and sustainability report. Here Communications Director, Michelle James, explains why she picks Team Wardour.

What is the benefit of working with a boutique reporting agency like Wardour?

Our business has worked with Wardour to produce our Annual Report and CSR/Sustainability Report for a number of years. We initially partnered with them because of two key strengths, 1) writing prowess – their writers are ex journalists who have worked with broadsheets, and 2) creativity.

We have continued to work with them because they are a pleasure to work with (nothing is too much trouble) and they deliver a superb finished product on time, everytime.

What strategic support do you get from Wardour?

Wardour brings a breadth of expertise, from strategic counsel to design - a range of creative annual report designs that push the boundaries, strong writing and willingness to push back on the company where requested edits don’t make sense, superb project management, and financial communications prowess from a consultant with many years’ experience and who stays abreast of evolving regulatory requirements.

How good is Wardour at process?

One of the most important aspect of producing an annual report is a robust (but adaptable) process. Wardour comes to the table with a clear timetable for delivery, setting clear expectations of both parties and the project manager works tirelessly to keep all parties aligned.

Do you get insights into peers and best practice reporting?

The world of annual report production is an ever changing one. It is therefore crucial that a partner agency stays abreast of best practice reporting and advises their client on adaptations that must be made and/or could be made to improve the finished product. Wardour invested in conducting research before we had our kick off meeting and provided valuable guidance to our Chief Financial Officer and the Investor Relations team.

How flexible is the team?

In my experience one of the greatest strengths of any agency is to be flexible and adaptable. The mantra “the client is always right” means that even when a company has clear SLA in place, the agency must be prepared to adjust when necessary. At the same time, the agency also has to have the ability to challenge requests where those requests could or would negatively impact the end product. Wardour does this with sensitivity and aplomb.

How do you rate them on brand and design?

This is without a shadow of a doubt Wardour’s strength. Renewi is a LSE-listed company that was born out of a merger between Shanks (UK) and van Gansewinkel (The Netherlands) some 3 years ago. Wardour partnered with our team to create a fresh and bold brand and prepared a brand book to support the internal Marketing, Branding and Communications team to help ensure guidelines are adhered to.

What is the single thing you value most in the relationship?

The People. Their levels of engagement, their creativity, their expertise and their ability to counsel the business.

To learn more about how Wardour can help with your next campaign, pop us an email at – we’d love to have a chat with you.

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