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More and more of our clients are focused on diversity and inclusion (D&I) as part of their content campaigns because they understand the importance of taking responsibility and leading by example.

D&I is no new theme in the work we do with Legal & General on their brand hub, which explains and explores their foundation of inclusive capitalism, through which they aim to build a better society. And when purpose and D&I is truly ingrained in a client organisation, the content opportunities go even further.

We were asked to work with Legal & General and their partner Guild Living, a later-life, community developer that places retirement communities at the heart of urban, thriving towns and cities. The brief was to support Guild Living’s STOPAGEISM campaign, which is designed to acknowledge and therefore change the fact that we are an ageist society.

We came up with a three-part mini content campaign, to sit both on Legal & General’s brand site (supporting an ageing population is a key pillar of inclusive capitalism and the work of Legal & General) and the campaign website.

First, we wanted the message of ageism to really hit home, so we began with a dynamic infographic that brought to life some, let’s be frank, pretty shocking statistics. Did you know, for example, that one in three people in the UK report experiencing age prejudice or discrimination, and that life expectancy increases by 7.5 years when one thinks positively about ageing?

Second, rather than just telling the reader “we’re part of an ageist society”, we wanted them to realise this for themselves – it’s much more powerful to recognise something than simply be told. So we interviewed two people with the focus on the importance of living a healthy and happy life, all tying in with Legal & General’s focus on building a better society: one re-qualified recently as a personal trainer and the other is studying their masters to become a hospital chaplain. It wasn’t until the end of the article that we revealed that both are in their 60s, coming as a surprise to most and showing the reader that we all have preconceptions when it comes to age.

And third, we focused on one of the key factors that has contributed to making the UK an ageist society: language. We heard directly from residents of Inspired Villages, Legal & General’s own later-living business, who spoke from first-hand experience about the language they have been party to that has shaped their experience of ageism. Getting that first-person viewpoint was crucial in really bringing the point home.

So while D&I is starting to underpin more and more long-term content campaigns, that’s not to say that you can’t create campaigns that focus on a particular theme within the broad spectrum that is diversity and inclusion. It’s a message that we feel particularly strongly about at Wardour, and something we’re only too happy to support our clients in communicating to their audiences too.

To learn more about how Wardour can help with your next campaign, pop us an email at hello@wardour.co.uk – we’d love to have a chat with you.

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