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How do you market local neighbourhoods for a leading estate agency? The answer is both simple and complicated: it involves the creation of more than 60 separate printed guides, delivered at speed, to help Knight Frank celebrate the buyer.

The guides needed to contain high-quality, relevant information and couldn’t be ‘salesy’. The front of the guides were intended to show the personality of the area; the back to show listings. They are bursting with information about areas as diverse as Melrose in the Scottish Borders, Oxford, Bath and Greenwich in London. Buyers – and potential buyers – get insider knowledge about the best bars and restaurants, cultural events, schools and care homes, the best places to go for a walk, as well as ‘did you know’ facts about the area and famous local inhabitants.

Delivering a volume of content that stretched to 52 pages per guide involved a robust process and clear boundaries. We developed an overall structure, which included the core themes that were based around the subject areas that are important to buyers (e.g. Food & Drink). These then formed the chapter structure, which in turn informed the look and feel. And we developed an Excel-based approach to gather information for the listings pages, which meant we could template those pages.

We also split the project into two clear workstreams – Country and London, which enabled us to manage the overlaps and quirks in the London areas.

Celebrating the buyer – and not just the seller – is key for Knight Frank. So the brilliant content had to be delivered in an eye-catching way. We created an illustrative style to link all the guides; it has now been licensed across other marketing collateral.

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