G4S has some amazing stories to tell. As the leading global, integrated security company, its activities and achievements are many and varied: using drones, thermal imaging, smart cameras and other cutting-edge technologies to protect sensitive sites; removing landmines and other unexploded remnants of war; and running innovative rehabilitation programmes in prisons, to name a few.

All these stories are on the corporate website, g4s.com, but they weren’t always easy to find. The old Media Centre page consisted of a simple chronological list of stories with thumbnail images and was searchable only by year of publication.

Wardour has been working with G4S since 2017, producing articles and videos for the website. In 2019 and early 2020, Wardour helped G4S design a new multimedia content hub that would highlight the best and most important content and give visitors to the site different ways of finding the stories they were interested in.

Over the last six months, the new News and Insights hub we have built has seen a big increase in visits compared with the Media Centre a year ago. More importantly, it encourages users to read further articles, watch more videos and learn more about the company. It is more visually engaging than its predecessor, and statistics show that visitors spend longer reading the content and engage with additional content on the site afterwards.


The process began with a comprehensive scoping exercise. This included reviewing analytics, conducting a comprehensive audit of existing content, researching the websites of comparable companies, exploring UX options and creating initial designs.

Once the designs had been approved, wireframes were created for the hub and for different types of content. Following best practice, these were built mobile first. We kept G4S’s web build supplier up to speed with progress throughout, to ensure that everything we designed would fit within the overall architecture of g4s.com.

In the final designs, the emphasis was on clear navigation and tools that enabled the user to find what they were looking for quickly and easily. And, while the new hub was part of g4s.com and had to fit with the rest of the site, we used different cuts of the approved fonts to give a cleaner, more modern look and feel.


Since launching in February 2020, the News and Insights section has had an average of 10,000 visits per month – almost 60% more than the old Media Centre a year earlier.

The new section has also engaged users better. From March-August 2020 average session duration showed double digit growth compared to the same period in 2019, bounce rates fell, and the number of pages viewed rose. A substantial majority of visitors move on to another page on the G4S website – significantly higher than for the other main landing pages on the site.

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