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We can’t always name the clients we support in internal communications. But, often the work we do results in outstanding outcomes, too good not to share. This was the case in a recent campaign we undertook for a major financial services business where we were challenged to create a platform for colleagues to share more of themselves and lift each other’s spirits.

Launched during Covid-19, this campaign set out to combat one of the greatest workplace challenges experienced during the pandemic: creating personal connections with colleagues when we can’t see them in person.

While video calls allowed us to recapture many workplace interactions during the pandemic, there were still gaps that needed filling. Prior to the pandemic, paths would cross frequently in the office, whether to make a coffee or celebrate a birthday. During such moments, it was normal to share with each other what we enjoyed doing away from work, and it was uplifting to hear these stories from our co-workers. This is the gap that our campaign sought to fill.

Routes to reconnection

To help our client’s colleagues reconnect, we created a talent show-style campaign that allowed them to share what they are up to away from their desks – #HiddenTalent.

Our passions are what make us who we are, and while it is easy to show colleagues a picture or video of something you’ve been doing as you wait for the kettle to boil, it can feel more stilted to show colleagues these things in a video meeting.

To kick things off, we created a series of teaser banners that led to a dedicated section of our client’s intranet. Colleagues were directed to online copy that explained what the campaign was and how they could take part. We also created a teaser video, combining stock video and footage of the senior leadership team, to create a buzz and to offer some examples of what colleagues could submit.

An amazing response

Ultimately, a user-generated content campaign lives or dies by whether or not your audience buys in to it, and the results of the #HiddenTalent campaign were incredible.

Hundreds of videos, pictures and messages from colleagues across Europe were submitted, and it was a pleasure to look through them each week and select some of the best submissions that we could edit into a weekly highlights reel.

From downhill mountain biking to funky dance routines to a 10-years-in-the-making Star Wars fan film, the entries we received were as varied as our client’s people.

The submissions also reminded us of the advantages of video, allowing us to show the similarities between colleagues in different geographies. This even resulted in new connections being forged. When one colleague based in the north of England submitted a video of a football team that they coach, a co-worker based in the south got in touch, and the two hope to organise a friendly match in the future.

In total, we created six highlights videos and awarded prizes to entrants drawn at random each week. To tie the campaign off, we created a final compilation of some of the most impressive content.

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