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Why you should consider using a content marketing agency

Published Sep 20, 2017 – By Lucy Buck


Since joining the account management team six months ago from a large global advisory company, I’ve noticed a few differences in how things are done at Wardour (aside from being able to wear trainers in the office and having access to an increasingly wide range of herbal teas).

There are five reasons why our clients choose us, and keep coming back to us:

1.We are the experts

We’re not just account managers, editors and designers. We’re a team made up of journalists, consultants, marketing strategists, project managers, web developers, video editors, illustrators, authors, animators… the list goes on. Our collective experience means that we are a diverse bunch, each with our own specialism.

2. We have done it before

Although we continuously evolve our approach, the part that stays consistent is our knowledge: we know what works and what doesn’t. And that’s because we’ve done it before. Whether it’s a quarterly newsletter, a website revamp or a social media strategy, we’ve done it for companies just like yours, in industries just like yours, going through challenges (you guessed it) just like yours. 3. We take risks… …so that you don’t have to. We understand that some clients like to play a little safer than others, but our role as a creative agency is to push you outside of your natural habitat. We may choose a headline that’s slightly off-piste, or an image that takes a bit of getting used to, but you can rest assured – we know what we’re doing.

4. We make it happen

What struck me during my first few weeks at Wardour was the speed at which things are turned around here. We have dedicated client teams – designers who know the brand, editors who know the tone of voice, account managers who know the client – meaning we’re well equipped to deliver quality work in a short space of time.

5. We always put you first

We take pride in working with our clients, not just for our clients. The best client relationships are collaborative; we want our clients to feel as though we are an extension of their in-house team – whether that means being on the end of the phone, giving a gentle nudge so we don’t miss a deadline, or popping in for a coffee to talk through the next quarter’s content. If you’re interested in working with Wardour or want to find out a little more about what we do, drop us a line at: hello@wardour.co.uk.

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