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The value of influencers

Published Feb 02, 2018 – By Gareth Francis


JK Rowling, Zoella and Donald Trump have one thing in common: they are influencers. Whilst not everyone can achieve the national or international reach of this trio, the power of influencers is increasing across into every area of business.

In the marketing world influencers – particularly those with a niche expertise –are offering a solution for brands that are looking to gain a wider exposure for their messages. They are attractive because they have built up an organic following by displaying their expertise on a subject through their writing, social media posts, videos or podcasts. They deliver the authenticity brands look for.

Whereas audiences are savvy to out-and-out celebrity endorsements, influencers will often have greater sway on the opinions. That’s why you should consider using them as part of your marketing strategy.

Last year we spoke to Gemma Godfrey, CEO of Moola, for the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment’s The Review. Labelled by City AM as the “UK’s most influential fintech expert”, Gemma is a great advocate for the engagement influencers can offer in the world of finance. As an active social media user, she has amassed a Twitter following of over 55,000.

And, while a large social media following can be a sign of influence, sometimes niche expertise communicated to engaged communities can be just as valuable, offering extremely targeted reach.

These influencers are likely to push your material on social media channels, and while they may have a lower number of followers than a celebrity, their audience will often be more relevant, loyal and trusting of their opinions, and therefore more likely to engage.

Their perceived authenticity will also reflect well on your brand. When an audience sees a trusted influencer in your publication, they are more likely to see the rest of your content as authoritative and interesting.

Over the next few months we’ll be looking at some of the ways influencers can be built into a marketing strategy effectively, from getting a group of influencers to work together on one piece of content, to taking influence from your audience.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the various ways your brand can benefit from working with influencers, drop us a line at: hello@wardour.co.uk

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