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How content can tackle your tech talent shortage

Published Oct 01, 2023 – By Joe Frater

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According to the International Monetary Fund, by 2030 there will be a shortage of 85 million tech workers. So, how can a targeted content campaign help you attract and retain these ‘gold-dust’ employees? When competing with tech giants, it is crucial to communicate to your current and prospective workforce exactly what makes your company a unique, rewarding and attractive workplace. To put it another way, exactly what is your employee value proposition?

Changing priorities for tech employers

A recent survey conducted by recruiter SThree revealed that purpose is the strongest driving factor for STEM employees, alongside the need for a flexible working experience. Their findings also indicate that wellbeing is a growing priority – with STEM professionals significantly valuing the praise and respect they receive.

With these findings in mind, a content campaign can be tailored specifically to target these wants and needs – if your company cannot compete with the salaries of big tech companies, focus on conveying the vibrancy of your work culture. Here, effectively designed and targeted content can be an essential factor in your talent acquisition solutions. Framing your business as a nourishing and exciting place may have more appeal than the more monolithic outreach of the tech giants.

According to the International Monetary Fund, by 2030 there will be a shortage of 85 million tech workers

Attracting prospective tech talent

Content intended to boost tech recruitment is most effective when narrowly targeted: in a competitive market, tech experts are more inclined to respond to content that appears in their niche spaces – think industry-specific forums such as TechRepublic, TechSpot and even Reddit. A broader, but still targeted campaign on LinkedIn can also serve as an effective means of reaching employees with the relevant skills. 

This outreaching content will most likely need to follow a classic sales funnel method: with initial engagement revolving around interesting information and industry news, before transitioning towards more recruitment-focused content. This more directed content will need to clearly outline the more specific benefits of technology roles in your company and emphasise your competitiveness as an employer. Flashier, interactive media is more likely to demonstrate that your business is staying current and engaging with new technology.

How to appeal to tech contractors

Attracting contractors requires a different approach, with less of a focus upon health and wellbeing and a shift towards working with the newest, emerging technologies. Some contractors may even be willing to sacrifice a larger salary for the opportunity to pursue more groundbreaking work. Here, presenting your company as forward-thinking and daring may be a more potent plan of attack.

Organising events such as tech challenges or hackathons and promoting them through content channels is an effective form of promotion. This strategy not only showcases your company’s prowess, but also allows you to headhunt particularly talented candidates for the hiring process.

Sharing the thoughts of your executives and technical leaders on social media and through blog posts helps to broadcast the forward-thinking nature of your company, while also helping to develop an authentic employer brand.

A contractor is far more likely to gravitate towards your organisation if they believe that it will enable them to operate at the cutting edge of the tech industry.

When competing with tech giants, it is crucial to communicate to your current and prospective workforce exactly what makes your company a unique, rewarding and attractive workplace

Retention of current employees

While attracting a talented tech workforce is important, it is equally essential to keep them around. For this, content that emphasises the benefits of staying at your business is important – perhaps through employee videos on your company intranet, or internal blog posts that keep staff updated on the running of your business and the activities outside of their section.

Physical content can make an excellent supplement to your digital campaign such as wall vinyls celebrating notable achievements. Content that makes tech talent feel valued and rewarded will be a powerful contributor to employee retention. When you are creating content such as video interviews for marketing, consider asking a couple of supplementary questions so that the film can be re-cut to support your employer branding strategies.

Also highly important are opportunities for development: online training and internal webinars are an excellent means to enable employee growth. Personal development is valued among younger employees especially, as they are eager to expand their technical skills, thus they will be more inclined to stay at a company which invests in their professional journey.

Crucially, tech professionals are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty when their knowledge is valued, and their contributions are recognised.

Flexibility is key

Throughout the tech sector, flexible work is becoming more prevalent and desirable. Companies can use content to showcase their remote work policies, flexibility and the technologies they employ to support distributed teams.

Behind-the-scenes content such as a ‘day in the life’ video of an employee lends authenticity to your flexibility policies, allowing your current and prospective tech talent a genuine insight into life at your organisation.

Whether software engineer, data scientist or cyber security expert, we believe employees respond to content that effectively communicates your unique workplace culture, aligns with evolving priorities and showcases your forward-looking approach to technology.

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