Four photos from lockdown.

Whilst COVID has resulted in lots of challenges, its also sparked some great creativity

We love photography. We usually commission loads of lovely shoots, and while the Covid situation has curtailed that somewhat recently, we have still managed some great results with the help of our network – and with some brilliant and innovative art direction.

Portrait of Sarah Gordon, CEO of the Impact Investing Institute, for CISI The Review, by Charlie Surbey

This commission for The Review was the first photoshoot to take place after the lockdown one eased in summer 2020, and where social distancing guidelines and precautions needed to be observed. Sarah and Charlie were both happy to go ahead with the shoot and all guidelines were followed. Sarah kindly allowed us to photograph her at home, and Charlie wore PPE and brought minimal equipment. Distance was maintained at all times and the subject, client and agency were all very pleased with the results

Portrait of Denise Foord for BHF Heart Matters, by Adam Gault

We are always very sensitive about photographing vulnerable subjects, and that is particularly important now as the Covid virus hits hardest for those with underlying health conditions. Adam is a trusted partner who we commissioned for this set of photos portraying individuals who had had invasive heart surgery and had the scars to prove it – in a literal sense. It was really important that he reassured the subjects about his safety precautions regarding Covid, as well as putting them at their ease to get great shots. This lovely portrait of Denise became the cover shot.

Sustainable packaging for Brewin Dolphin Perspective, by The packshot factory

Portrait shoots can be tricky, but still life photography in the studio is still very much possible. In the Winter issue of Perspective we had a great candidate. The beauty industry is one of those most guilty of plastic pollution, but some companies are trying to change this with innovations in products, packaging and ingredients. The team at Packshot Factory were briefed to give these products the full ‘fashion glossy’ treatment, a contrast to the ‘worthy but bland’ photography that the sustainable sector often endures.

Kyle Bean is a good artist to work with – famed for his conceptual work and model-making. He has the ability of taking our ideas a step further, making them even better. He does everything at his home studio, from building models to photographing them. This beautiful piece was crafted out of paper and textured materials and photographed to fit the layout. It accompanies an article exploring the connection between providing good, fair living standards across society, and planning an environmentally sustainable infrastructure.