About Us

Content marketing

Content marketing, or customer publishing as it was once called, has been the bedrock of the agency since our launch in 1996.

We have a particular approach to this discipline. All our experience shows that when you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, stop thinking “How do I sell my products?” and start thinking “What’s important to my customers?”, you make your marketing more effective.

Walk in the customers’ shoes

As such, we are about ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ marketing. We specialise in helping clients understand the issues that are priorities for their audiences. By telling stories about these issues, and subtly showing how the client brand can help tackle them, we create a human connection that builds a sense of trust. Time and again, we have demonstrated how this emotional connection makes the audience more likely to engage with the brand in the short and long term.

Every solution is unique

Our content marketing programmes are incredibly diverse because every client’s audience is unique. Many today span print, digital and social, because each of these channels does something a little different.

Print offers longevity, more memorability and a deeper connection: people take a good customer magazine to bed with them. Digital offers the chance to showcase content in multimedia formats that resonate with what your audiences are doing online in their downtime. Social offers immediacy, cost-effective targeting and the ability to distribute messages at the right moments. Together, these channels offer a journey that can be irresistible.