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by Wardour – Oct 07, 2020

It’s been a busy month for Wardour and the autumn looks as though it will be busier still.

Around the day job of delighting clients, the team have been out championing the benefits and potential of content marketing.

Our executive chairman, Martin MacConnol, was asked to take part in a session on social purpose and how it will impact content marketing in 2021 for the prestigious Content Marketing World 2020 conference, the biggest event of its kind globally. He debates the topic with other agency leaders from Canada, India and the US. CMW2020 goes live next week and his session can be accessed after October 13. if you want to register for the event (and it’s well worth it for all the insight it provides) you still can by clicking here.

Meanwhile, our CEO, Claire Oldfield, was asked to host a debate on the merits of digital content versus print for the UK’s Corporate Content Conference last Tuesday. The event brought together comms and marketing experts from organisations as diverse as the Church of England and Shell. Claire’s session shared insights from GSK, MyCSP and our own clients at the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. Interestingly polls before and after the debate saw the audiences shifting their preferences towards print.

You can watch a recording of Claire’s session here.

It’s timely that Claire was asked to lead this debate as we have just received back the fieldwork on our latest piece of research on consumer trends for digital and print media. We are still busy crunching the data but even at an initial glance it is clear that the Covid pandemic has shifted momentum towards digital, but that a really significant number of people still prefer engaging with content in print. Equally interesting are the insights the research reveals about what consumers see as being the most important messages in a brand content campaign – these are insights which will shape conversations with our clients for the months to come.

We will share details of the research as we get a clearer idea of what the data shows. If you would like to receive a copy of the research when it is ready then please email us here.

Published Oct 07, 2020

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