Our essential non-essentials

by Lulu Trask – Apr 12, 2021

Today brings the next step in the roadmap of the Prime Minister’s easing of lockdown, taking us closer to any remanence of normality we’ve felt in some time. With non-essential retail, outdoor dining and drinking, gyms, spas – to name a few – now open to the public, at Wardour we’ve been talking about which of these non-essential services are, in our own special way, essential.

“I am of course looking forward to the nail salons opening. I haven’t had my signature talons for more than 13 months now and I’m starting to really miss them. The challenge for me will be picking what colour? What design? What length? I am also really looking forward to al fresco dining and have booked into a couple of my favourite spots already, which include Rochelle Canteen and Mike’s in Peckham (a brand new pizza place).”
Bethan Rees, Editor

“It’s my niece’s first birthday, so we’ll do the garden thing if it’s nice weather!”
Annabel Gamble, Designer



“I will be looking forward to having my hair cut (but not until the 24th!) – I was told off for doing it myself! I'm also looking forward to the gyms reopening (not for myself!) so that I can reclaim my living room back and the weights and treadmill can be put away, for now at least. I will still feel wary but it will be nice to be able to go further afield and to have somewhere different to walk or drive to rather than the same old places. Something as simple as being able to click and collect a book from Waterstones rather than waiting for it to be delivered.”
Fiona Forbes Hunter, Office Manager

It’s my birthday later in the week, so I’ll be getting my hair done – finally!! And then I’ll be meeting some friends in a park – in hopefully sunny weather – for some drinks.
Tivvy Black, Account Manager



“I really miss going for Sunday brunches with my family at a restaurant, so I’ll be looking forward to that! And then I’ll walk around the high street and visit our local charity shop.”
Johan Shufiyan, Designer

“Now that the ‘stay local’ message has gone, we’ll be getting in the car and heading a bit further afield for some nice long walks with the dog. We’re lucky to live next to lots of green spaces, but we’ve really been missing the variety! Lots of new smells for her, and some lovely new scenery for us!”
Lulu Trask, Editor

Published Apr 12, 2021

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