Oh crumbs… Wardour’s favourite biscuits

by Lulu Trask – Jun 03, 2021

British biscuit consumption is the highest in the world. These sweet treats are purchased by 27 million households and eaten on 6 billion occasions a year – and studies have shown that 40% of Brits have been enjoying even more biscuits during lockdown.

A survey in 2020 revealed that the humble Chocolate Digestives was the national favourite, followed by shortbread, Chocolate Fingers, Jaffa Cakes (cake or biscuit? Let the arguments begin…) and Chocolate Hob Nobs. In fact, when the survey came out, a good 30-minute – at times heated – conversation ensured around the office – it turns out people feel very strongly about these sweet treats.[2]

So this National Biscuit Day, on 29th May, we’ve asked the team to share which biscuits have helped them through the past year…

“Did someone say Fox’s Party Rings?”


“I'm not really a biscuit fan – I like to cut out the middle man and go straight for the chocolate. Having done extensive research over the years in the office the hands down favourite would have to be the Choco Leibniz, or any cookie at all from Marks & Spencer or Waitrose.”

“You can’t go wrong with a McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive – a childhood classic.”


“How about Pink Wafers? Root for the underdog.”

“I'm not a huge biscuit eater but I do occasionally think wistfully of something I've only ever eaten in the US. They’re called Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and they’re absolutely delicious. I've never found a shop in England that stocks them, but now I'm wondering if I should order some online. This could be a slippery slope...”

“I know I will be in the minority here… but Fig Rolls or Ginger Nuts.”


“If we’re being luxurious, I’ll go for Border Dark Chocolate Gingers. If we’re being high street, then Chocolate Fingers all the way!”

“A Marks & Spencer biscuit selection gets the thumbs up from me. (Why stop at one biscuit?)”

“It’s got to be a classic Hob Nob. Perfect for dunking, which means you can have as many as you like until you finish that cuppa.”


And that brings us to the next question: to dunk or not to dunk?

Published Jun 03, 2021

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