Meet the team: Emma Fisher

by Emma Fisher – Apr 20, 2021

As Head of Client Services, Emma's role is to make sure we are delivering brilliantly for our clients. Her work involves not only ensuring we are great on process, project management, scheduling and commercials, but also that we are really getting under the skin of what our clients want, building a great working relationship, and that we are thinking strategically about what we deliver.

Where has your career taken you so far?
I've been at Wardour for just over seven years – but actually it was my first agency role. Prior to Wardour I was MD of a small networking and events business called Editorial Intelligence, running events in London, New York, Mumbai – and North Wales! The last seven years at Wardour have seen a huge amount of career development for me (not least becoming Head of Client Services – a new role at Wardour – two years in). In both roles I've been very lucky to meet/work with some brilliant people across business, politics, media and academia. And no doubt there is more of that to come – that's the beauty of an agency, there are always new clients/brands to work with, and new projects that need managing!  

What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on at Wardour?
I've been lucky enough to work on some of our biggest launches and campaigns at Wardour. A couple of brilliant ones spring to mind, including the launch of Newcastle University’s new vision and strategy in 2018. This was a multi-channel, multi-audience campaign, led by the campaign line ‘From Newcastle. For the World’. We worked with a brilliant team at the university and really got to flex our creative muscles, creating everything from a five-storey-high building wrap, to a website, videos and animations, a newspaper, social ads and a new brand toolkit. I've also worked on numerous projects for EY during my time at Wardour, including a high-profile global campaign to the insurance market called ‘This changes insurance’. Again, this was a great mix of creativity but also the need for brilliant project management. And we ended up with an ad which including a pink poodle which has gained some notoriety at EY! 

What do you like most about working for Wardour?
Being around such brilliant creative minds. I am always impressed by the plethora of new ideas the team comes up with time and time again for different projects and clients. I am genuinely proud of all the work we create together. And I love making our clients happy – it's a real joy and source of satisfaction for me when you see all that come together for a project or campaign. 

Who would you invite to your post-lockdown dinner party and why?
A very good question. Mostly I’d like to just invite all the friends and family I've missed so much during lockdown! On the famous people front... I’d go for Micky Flanagan – my all-time favourite comedian! 

When you’re not overseeing the account management team and smooth running of projects, what do you like doing?
Although I've not been able to do as much of it lately, I used to be a dancer so I enjoy dance classes (and the occasional show) as well as being a keen cook/baker always on the hunt for a new recipe to try. I am also trying to learn the guitar, but there's a long way to go on that front...

What’s the best and worst thing about office life?
Best thing – people! I definitely miss those ad hoc chats with colleagues, and hearing my team around me on calls etc. – the buzz. 
Worst thing – obvious one is the commute. It can also be quite a busy environment so sometimes it’s harder to really get your head down and focus on some of the more strategic tasks. 

What’s your favourite ‘task’ at work and why?
Meeting (currently via video call!) clients – always enjoyed working with people and it's definitely the best part of the job. 

Who is your role mode, and why?
Cheesy but it has to be my mum. Political campaigner, mum of three, grandmother of four, general superhero and most intelligent person I know! 

If a movie were made about you, who would you like to play you, and why?
Hmm. Emma Stone I think, because I'm clearly deluded! 

What’s your first memory of working at Wardour, or highlight of your time here so far?
I actually went to the Wardour Christmas party just before I joined Wardour, so although not work, that was technically my first experience of being with the Wardour team. I couldn't possibly divulge all but suffice to say, there are some members of the team who definitely won’t remember meeting me for the first time that night! 

Surprise us! Tell us something your fellow Wardour team members might not know about you.
Despite being scared of heights and of flying, I have jumped out of a plane at 12,000 for a skydive over New Zealand’s Queensland (not something I’ll be repeating, amazing as it was). 

Published Apr 20, 2021

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