Happy Birthday Wardour!

by Martin MacConnol – Apr 25, 2022

Europe reeling from the worst conflict since the Second World War. New technology changing the world. The Tories looking doomed…

Am I describing the here and now? Nope. I am looking back to April 1996 when Wardour first launched as a content agency. The Bosnian War had finished the year before. There was this thing called the internet which looked vaguely interesting, and John Major was losing momentum against the up-and-coming Tony Blair.

It’s a reminder that, while things are always changing, some things don’t change at all (sadly in the case of European conflict).

But how different is life today for my colleagues compared to the heady days of April 1996? Here is a glimpse through a kaleidoscope of memories back to that distant St George’s Day (or thereabouts). It’s clear that many Wardourites were definitely having a lot more fun than me as I plotted and planned the birth of Wardour with three friends…

“Creating illustrated books on quilting, palmistry and wine, plus directing photoshoots of recipes, yoga poses, and even for a sex book (surreal).”
Ben Barrett, Creative Director

“Year 6 of junior school, going to my dance class – which I pretty much did seven days a week after school and at weekends, either learning/competing or practicing dance for a new routine!”
Emma Fisher, Client Services Director

“Assistant Editor of Runner's World magazine, and on April 23rd I would doubtless have been working on our post-race coverage of the London Marathon. At the time I was fitter than I've ever been before or since, as the staff were expected to practice what they preached.”
Tim Turner, Content Director

“I was a couple of months away from the beginnings of an obsession with the Spice Girls!”
Jeannine Martin, Finance Director 

“Broadly, I was on a two-month trip to stay with friends in London and Paris before returning to Chicago to graduate and start a job. Specifically, I may have been buying silver PVC trousers and getting a poorly thought-out tattoo in Camden Town.”
Leah Clarkson, Content Creator

“It would have been around that time that I was attending a course at Vodafone being taught, among other things, a new feature on mobile phones supported by their network called Short Message Service – I firmly recall the whole class was unanimous in agreement that the clunky and time-consuming method of sending text messages would never catch on.”
Daniel Butcher, Head of New Business

“Not even one year old! I was enjoying being a seven-month-old, probably falling asleep in my highchair into my bowl of sweetcorn...”
Jasmin Southgate, Content Creator

“This is two months before I was born - suddenly feel like the baby of the office.”
Dylan Mentzel Vazquez, Project Manager

And if Dylan feels like the baby, I definitely feel like the oldie… Roll on the next 26 years is all I can say. How will life be different then?

Published Apr 25, 2022

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