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by Gareth Francis & Bethan Rees – May 19, 2021

Sometimes, you just have to celebrate the simple things in life. It’s British Sandwich Week (16–22 May) and to mark the day, we’ve collated some of our favourite fillings to share with you.

“I don't think I could pick a single favourite sandwich, but when we return to the office, my first lunchtime destination will be Wings to buy a sausage melt with onions, ketchup and mustard. A messy, indulgent treat.”
Tim Turner, Content Director

“I rarely eat sandwiches at home (including WFH), but they are handy when going for a walk, so my favourite sandwich is one eaten with a view. Poached salmon, mustard and tomato would be a good bet I guess... and I know a quiet hill in Epping Forest with a view over woodland and the London skyline in the distance. Any sandwich would taste good from there (so long as it doesn’t have gherkins).”
Ben Barrett, Creative Director

“I'd like to make the case for the humble fish finger sandwich! I miss Benugo's fish finger wraps, but in their absence, I've started occasionally making myself a fish finger sarnie with Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference fish fingers (very fancy) and tartare sauce. Delicious. I also miss the Pret A Manger ham and greve baguette! I’ve always found that a reliable staple.”
Milena Bellow, Editor

“In an interview on the Adam Buxton Podcast last year, Paul McCartney was asked about his favourite snacks in the studio. He recommended a hummus and Marmite bagel. Being a huge Beatles fan, I couldn’t resist giving it a go and it’s become a fixture of my lunchtimes most weeks since. As with most things in the savoury world, chucking some cheddar and hot sauce into the equation doesn’t do it any harm. And if you aren’t seasoning all your sandwiches with plenty of salt and pepper, you’re doing it wrong.”
Gareth Francis, Editor

“One of my favourite ever sandwich combinations is one I found on holiday in Italy – prosciutto ham, tomato, mozzarella and rocket in a panini. When I was in Rome, people were eating these for breakfast at one of those standing cafes on a corner in the sun and I totally relished the opportunity to start the day like this every day.”
Sophia Haddad, Account Manager

“My mum’s go-to sandwich for a picnic on the beach: roasted chicken from the local market, lashings of mustard mayo for a bit of a creamy kick, and ripe mushy avocado packed between a fresh white roll that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

An honourable mention goes to Honey&Co’s aubergine sabich, which I discovered while working my way through their cookbook during lockdown. The main ingredient is aubergine that’s marinated in a chilli, garlic, parsley, lemon and cumin dressing, fried until it turns soft on the inside and slightly charred on the outside. Then it’s stuffed into a pita along with a tahini sauce and a runny fried egg. YUM.”
Laura Sagar, Editor

“I think my favourite would have to be... my husband's all-day-smoked pulled pork on a brioche bun (if that counts!). We’re that obsessed with BBQ that our honeymoon included a Texas BBQ road trip, so we try to recreate what we can at home! If that doesn't float your boat, you cannot go wrong with a Pret A Manger posh cheddar and pickle!”
Lulu Trask, Editor

Published May 19, 2021

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