BHF Heart Hero

by Claire Oldfield – Nov 25, 2020

It isn’t often we can truly claim to have a hero in our team. But here at Wardour we have a British Heart Foundation (BHF) CPR Hero in our midst.

Our Design Director Colin Wilson was given the prestigious award in a glittering online ceremony last month, in recognition of his life-saving action in 2019.

On a work trip back from Durham that Autumn, a few of the team had a 20 minute interchange at York Station. They had bought coffee and were waiting for their train when they saw a man collapse at the next table. 

Luck brings the right people to the right place at the right time. And this is what happened at York Station. Three of the members of the Wardour team had done CPR training with the BHF just a few weeks before. And they leapt into action. 

They understood that the man was in cardiac arrest and wasn’t breathing. With the confidence that came from his BHF training, Colin gave the man CPR and was able to keep him breathing until the paramedics arrived. 

As the Design Director for the BHF’s Heart Matters content programme, Colin is used to reading about heart events. He also travels the country to art direct photoshoots with men, women and children who have heart problems and the people who care for them. He is used to hearing their stories and helping them tell those stories, in the hope that they will help other people to manage, prolong or save lives. 

But this is the first time he has experienced a heart-related incident himself. ‘Working with the BHF I have often heard about the emotions you can go through after performing CPR,’ he says. ‘For months after the event I have felt elation, pride, and quite often – usually when I am sitting alone – a true sadness at the fragility of life.’

On hearing that he had been nominated for the award Colin says: ‘I felt imposter syndrome. I’d acted purely on instinct.

‘But it’s really great to have this acknowledgment from the BHF – and obviously I couldn’t have done it without them. Everyone should learn how to save a life using CPR.’

Although the award ceremony was virtual, Colin met one of his own heroes. ‘I was so excited when the award was presented by French footballer and BHF Ambassador David Ginola,’ he says. ‘As a proud Geordie, it was a brilliant moment to hear my name being called out by a former Newcastle United footballer.’

Published Nov 25, 2020

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