Agency life in Covent Garden

by Katie Williams – Mar 24, 2022

A lot of people have been reluctant to return to the office every day, but I’m guessing that unlike me, they don’t work in Covent Garden. Every morning I walk across Waterloo Bridge to the office, and while the bridge itself is pretty ugly, the views most certainly are not.

You get the full vista of the city to your right, from St Paul’s, round to the Walkie-Talkie and across to The Shard, standing tall and proud at London Bridge. Water taxis zoom up and down the river and on a sunny day you could be forgiven for feeling like you are in the heart of the best city in the world. I’m a firm believer that to live in London, you have to love London.

The last couple of years have made that difficult. We’ve had all the negatives of living in the city with few of the positives, and it’s easy to understand why some people have seen their love for London fizzle out…but it’s important to get off your sofa and remind yourself why you chose to live here, and fall in love all over again.  

Covent Garden tells a story of London, romanticising even the darkest parts of its rich history. For me, it makes complete sense that Wardour’s headquarters are here, as storytelling is such an intrinsic part of what we do as a brand agency.

When you step out onto the street you find yourself in the midst of Theatreland, so you’re constantly up to date on what’s on. Whether you make it to a show or not is almost irrelevant – you feel more cultured just seeing the billboards! At lunchtime there are always children dressed up waiting to see Frozen with their parents. A mixture of tourists and locals fill the cafes and brasseries, or watch the brave street performers in the Piazza.

Boutiques and quirky market stalls are on every corner, and I often make the mistake of going for an innocent lunchtime walk and coming back giddy, with a new (essential) purchase!

From its humble beginnings as a ‘Convent’ Garden, Covent Garden is steeped in London history. The cobbled streets and the market square allow you to experience the past, while nipping into the Apple store takes you straight back to the future.

Clients also love to visit our Covent Garden studio, and we love having them here. Not only is it incredibly central and easy to reach from all sides of London, the prospect of shops, restaurants and culture is attractive too.  

Clients seems more relaxed when they come to visit us in our corner of London, and barriers are often broken down more quickly. In turns, this makes us better at our job – telling their story.

Published Mar 24, 2022

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