5 apps I couldn’t live without

by Gabriella MacConnol, Intern and Emily Peters, Assistant Editor – Aug 09, 2016

Whether it’s the latest Instagram feature or a hark back to the past for a generation of Pokémon lovers, right now it feels as though every week presents a new opportunity for content creators. But keeping up with new marketing trends is no mean feat, and as technology continues to evolve, it’s only going to get harder. Thankfully, our latest teenage intern was willing to share her insight into the mobile tools captivating the next generation of consumers. Here are her top five apps and her reasons for using them:

1. Snapchat

The app I use most regularly is Snapchat. I use it because it’s a quick and easy way to keep in contact with friends for free over Wi-Fi. It’s especially good for chatting with friends who don’t have an iPhone, when sending free iMessages is not an option. The app also allows you to send captioned photos quickly and easily, so you can share pictures of things as they happen. Sent images can only stay on the recipient’s screen for up to 10 seconds – but if someone does screenshot a photo you have sent, you are notified about it, which isn’t a function that apps such as Instagram have. Snapchat’s filters are also fun to use and are a great way to personalise images.

2. WhatsApp

Although Snapchat is great for sending images and chatting to individuals, when I want to talk to a group of my friends (for instance, if I am trying to arrange a time for us to meet up) I use WhatsApp. This also uses Wi-Fi so it’s free to send messages and images to the group. It’s great, as it saves you sending the same message to lots of people.

3. Camera

As well as using my phone to chat with my friends, I also use the native camera app a lot – especially when I am out for the day or on holiday. I take endless photos of things I’m doing, as they are nice reminders afterwards. The iPhone’s ‘Slo-Mo’ and ‘Pano’ features are particularly fun. When I was younger, I used to have a proper camera to take photos with, but my phone’s camera is now so much better, I just use it instead.

4. Instagram

I also regularly use Instagram to post some of the photos I take. This app is easy to use and a great way to share photos. I also use it to follow company accounts, so I can see when my favourite brands release new products. My favourite is @bathandbodyworks, because its posts are really eye-catching. I use Instagram rather than Facebook because the latter isn’t something that many of my friends use.

5. Games

When I’m not taking photos or checking Instagram, I’m probably playing games on my phone – usually when I’m going on a long journey without Wi-Fi or travelling on the tube. I do tire of games quickly, though, which is probably why I’ve downloaded so many! My favourite is Smash Hit because it’s fast-paced and requires lots of concentration.

Published Aug 09, 2016

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