Legal & General

Bringing a brand ethos to life

The L&G City interactive infographic introduces visitors to some of the company's projects that benefit society.

Legal & General operates a strategy based on ‘inclusive capitalism’, through which it seeks to protect its customers’ financial lives and create value for shareholders, while also doing good for society.

In 2019, L&G decided to launch a brand activation campaign that would better articulate this social purpose. The three strands of the integrated campaign were initially a new online hub for inclusive capitalism content, a year-long integrated campaign in the Telegraph, and a vibrant social strategy. Wardour was asked to build and populate the online hub to provide a more expansive experience for Telegraph readers, who would be directed there, and to create social assets – including static quote cards, video and animation clips – to drive a broader audience to the content.

The new 'inclusive capitalism' online hub, which feature content strands ranging from 'building infrastructure' to 'tackling the climate crisis'.

We take a newsroom approach to the online hub, developing content to support L&G’s long-term strategy to invest in things like affordable housing and infrastructure, while also producing reactive content to tackle emerging issues like Covid-19. Our work began with an interactive infographic (Our City), which reveals details of L&G’s inclusive capitalism projects, and quickly grew to include an ongoing range of engaging formats, including video, animation and written articles.


A core objective of the campaign is to differentiate the brand from others in the sector. Prior to launch of the campaign L&G’s Brand Index score, which blends scores for brand, product perception and experience sat within a cluster of competitors.

While the campaign is developing and evolving, the dial has already shifted on L&G’s brand measurements metrics. The Brand Index score has experienced double digit growth, and the positive brand impression score has risen even more strongly.