Charles Taylor

Supporting a major product relaunch programme

Charles Taylor has been providing insurance solutions for over 100 years. It delivers better results for the world of insurance by handling claims, establishing and managing insurers and implementing technology solutions.

As a content agency, we started working with Charles Taylor InsureTech, which provides those solutions, in autumn 2021. Over the years, it has developed and marketed a set of individual technology solutions for insurance companies, each designed to address a particular issue. Now the CEO has formulated a bold new strategy to collect these solutions into a single cloud-based software-as-a-service platform, called InHub, and link them to the company’s legacy modernisation offering and its wider business process outsourcing solutions.

This was a significant change for Charles Taylor, and we were tasked with creating the key messaging for the new proposition and developing a range of materials to communicate it, for both external and internal audiences, as well as delivering a campaign for the InHub product launch event.

We began with a discovery phase where we reviewed existing materials and conducted in-depth workshops with Charles Taylor’s technical and marketing teams. Based on this research, we created a messaging house that would act as the ‘bible’ for everything we subsequently wrote and as a core messaging set for Charles Taylor InsureTech to use going forwards. This sets out, in clear and concise language, the purpose of InHub, its USPs and value proposition, connected to buyer personas, with a longer narrative that goes into more detail about the benefits of the platform.

Introduction to the marketing brochure

We then used this messaging as the basis for a range of materials, including articles for trade magazines which we ghostwrote for a Charles Taylor expert; a factsheet; a marketing brochure; and a playbook for internal sales and marketing teams, to ensure that they communicate the new proposition in a consistent way.

Meanwhile, InHub was to be unveiled to the insurance industry at the InsureTech Insights Europe 2022 conference in March, and we were asked to create a campaign that would stimulate interest in the launch – and, crucially, generate attendees.

The campaign centred around an email campaign and a promoted LinkedIn targeted social campaign. The email campaign comprised a series of weekly emails (starting a month before the event) that were sent to a list of key clients and targets, containing a teaser about the benefits of InHub and encouraging them to book a ticket to the conference through Charles Taylor so they could be the first to hear the full story. The emails linked to a specially created page on that contained a registration form for the event.

Showcasing one of Charles Taylor's new products

For the social campaign, we developed a series of static and animated assets that promoted the InHub launch to a wider audience, and created a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign to drive interest in the event to a wider set of insurance industry targets. This was complemented by specially created banners that were added to Charles Taylor emails – all created by Wardour.

The campaign and launch event were a huge success. The email and social campaign led to a full house of attendees at the event, including a number of new targets. The social campaign resulted in over 130,000 impressions and more than 800 click-throughs within the targeted audience group.

As the date of the conference grew nearer, we were also asked to help with the launch presentation itself; editing scripts for the individual presenters (and, in some cases, writing them from scratch) and creating the visuals that would appear on the screens behind them. We even sat in on the Charles Taylor team’s rehearsals, helping to finesse the final presentation from both a verbal and a visual standpoint.

The launch was well attended and received and the CEO of Charles Taylor InsureTech contacted us afterwards, saying: “A big thank you for your help with the InHub launch and messaging. Everything went off as planned – thanks for helping us through this important milestone for our company.”

One of a series of social cards created to promote the launch event