Brewin Dolphin

Insight that builds trust

Perspective magazine is a key relationship tool for Brewin Dolphin

With a history stretching back more than 250 years, Brewin Dolphin is one of the oldest and most respected private client investment managers in the UK.

The firm works to the idea that the successful management of wealth takes an understanding of money but is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people. So, before Brewin invests money for its clients, it first invests in the client relationship. Perspective magazine is part of that investment, supporting client/adviser relationships by stimulating and supporting conversation. It is also used as a client acquisition tool during conferences, speaking events and prospect meetings.

Each issue looks at a range of topics which are interesting to the audience - all written by experts

How we work as a team

Perspective is a biannual magazine of general interest, thought leadership, lifestyle and finance content that goes to all of Brewin Dolphin’s private clients. As a project, it’s a great example of how Wardour works and how we can bring in outstanding external insight that really adds value for audiences. The start of each issue is a collaborative exercise, drawing in ideas and inspiration from our team of expert financial, business, lifestyle and technology journalists. We combine this thinking with the experiences and insights of Brewin Dolphin’s advisers and marketing team.

With ideas debated, objectives agreed and briefs refined, we begin reaching out to the external market to find interesting companies, academics or even Brewin Dolphin clients who will tell their stories. Perspective needs to constantly surprise, to reveal aspects our readers haven’t previously seen, so we blend original photography, commissioned illustrations and conceptual imagery, avoiding repetitive stock shots at all cost. Alongside independently written pieces, we gather commentary from the firm’s experts to ensure that the brand’s presence is felt throughout the magazine. Everything is done with the aim of helping to shape and drive new conversations between clients and their advisers.

The content blends lifestyle stories with hardworking finance and economic insight


The result is a publication of newsstand quality that clients are proud to have on their coffee tables at home.

More tangibly, evidence shows that it works for hard for Brewin. Reader correspondence suggests an active audience, and when formal survey work is carried out it has confirmed that reader happiness translates into engagement and advocacy for the brand.

In the last reader survey, 1.7% of the audience responded to a detailed questionnaire. The findings showed that Perspective inspired many clients to set up meetings with Brewin Dolphin advisers, prompted them to discuss Brewin with colleagues and friends, and encouraged them to recommend the wealth manager to other people they knew.