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Like any corporate reporting agency, we know that it’s essential to stay up to date with evolving best practice. But in addition, we work with clients to make an emotional as well as a rational connection with their investor and stakeholder audiences.

That’s because investors, analysts and regulators are people too. They may not buy a company’s products, but they buy (or influence others to buy) its shares. This point is core to our stakeholder comms offering. We use storytelling to turn disclosure into real communication. We help clients not only meet their regulatory requirements, but also tell their stories confidently, appropriately and persuasively.

In so doing, we create storytelling assets – such as infographics, key facts and case studies – that bring an annual report or sustainability report to life and can be used effectively in other corporate materials as well.

Project planning and good account management are vital in all areas of our work, but nowhere is this truer than in the world of corporate reporting. Deadlines here are fixed by government regulation. We pride ourselves on helping clients deliver these projects smoothly, using the project management tools that are right for them.

Core parts of our offer

Social purpose
Regulators, and large-scale investors such as BlackRock, have made the social purpose agenda ever more important in corporate communications. We have great experience in helping clients show that they are working to the benefit of all stakeholders, not just shareholders. In part, this comes from our work on corporate reporting materials for purpose-led organisations as diverse as the Church of England and recycling company Renewi.

Strong storytelling is incredibly important here as a way of showing how a corporate strategy has an agenda that more than ticks the boxes on subjects such as:

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