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Our story

Wardour is a communications and marketing agency born out of the world of customer magazines.

It’s a great place to have started, because creators of customer magazines have long realised that amazing stories inspire audiences to trust a brand.

We launched in 1996. There were four of us at the start; two former Financial Times journalists, an internet consultant from NatWest and a creative director.

Top 10 agency

Over the next 11 years, we developed into a top-10 customer publishing agency and created separate teams specialising in internal and stakeholder publications.

During this time, digital was a nice-to-have for our clients, because the power of post trumped the power of email. But then the economy went into decline, and clients could no longer afford so much print.

So, we rediscovered our digital roots and helped our clients transition to a life online. And ever since Steve Jobs launched the iPhone and then the iPad, the momentum in that direction has accelerated.

Print is still big

That doesn’t mean we’ve left print behind. Far from it – we love it. And print is enjoying a huge renaissance right now, because disruptor brands as diverse as Amazon, Airbnb and Facebook are discovering it is worth the investment.

So, at Wardour, we use our insight and imagination to help clients make human connections in a multi-platform world – from print to social, from text to video.

We remain journalistically led: it’s part of our DNA. One of our FT founders still runs the company today alongside another journalist – an alumna of the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday.

There are now 50 of us based in a great office in London’s Covent Garden. We like our size and we are proudly independent of the control of the big media groups.

Choose Wardour and you get passion and commitment: an agency that’s not so big that the principals are remote from the clients, but not so small as to be naive. In fact, you could think of us as the Goldilocks agency – except with a lot more integrity in the way we behave.

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