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Content marketing is our core offer: it defines how we approach every brief, be it for marketing, stakeholder or employee audiences.

Content marketing is the way you approach a campaign. It is about compelling storytelling – but then, most marketing is. What makes it different is that with content marketing, you put yourself in the audience’s shoes and focus on what they want to hear – rather than just pushing what you want to sell. All our experience over more than 25 years in business, working with brands as diverse as EY, Deutsche Bank, Renewi and Arup, has proved that when you take this approach, you build not just sales, but also brand engagement and loyalty.

For most of our clients we advise an approach that gives ‘news you can use’ – insights that help the audience do their jobs or live their lives better, that are relevant to your brand and that make people want to engage with it more.

Areas of expertise
Wardour was founded by Financial Times journalists, one of whom still runs the company today. We have a strong leaning towards financial and professional services briefs and are renowned for our work in B2B and on social purpose.

Often, our role is to make the complex easy to understand, whether that is Bitcoin, investment trends or changing demographics.

Being good at communicating difficult ideas has encouraged a wide range of brands and organisations to call us in, including the British Heart Foundation, Heineken and Unilever.

Our outputs for them vary, and are described in the Understand, Create and Measure sections.

Social purpose
Regulatory and societal pressures are combining to make social purpose an ever more important topic for businesses and institutions. For many years we have used content marketing to help clients show how they are good corporate citizens that are more than the sum of their balance sheets.

Our own research (carried out in 2020) shows that social purpose is now part of the bundle of touchpoints that UK consumers expect a brand to talk about when they’re deciding whether or not to engage. And this is not just an issue for the woke generation: older consumers told us it was important too.

Increasingly, we are working with clients on distinct social purpose briefs to help them prove that they are forces for good on issues as diverse as the climate crisis, diversity and inclusion, and mental health: take a look at our client work section.

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Our clients

Wardour has created a huge variety of content for clients large and small over the last 24 years. Below is a selection of brands we are proud to have been asked to partner

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