It was 20 years ago tomorrow

by Claire Oldfield, Managing Director – Apr 22, 2016

In the same week that the Queen reaches 90 and we mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, there is another auspicious date. On 23 April 1996, Wardour began life. There will be more cause for celebration over the coming months as we mark the day we actually started working (rather than the day the company was incorporated) – but we’ve never knowingly ignored a reason for a party!

It’s a time for celebration and reflection – so what better way of doing both than asking the current team what they were doing 20 years ago. The answers, as you would expect from a marketing and comms agency, are diverse, surprising and funny.

To save people from themselves, we’ve kept the responses (more or less) anonymous:

“I was a newspaper journalist. I was driving a Citroen ZX.”

“I had just moved to London after living in Milan, where I had been modelling. My agent here wanted me to come to London, though when I finally arrived, I felt like a very small fish in a gigantic pond.”

“Learning that champagne was the answer, whatever the question.”

“I was Assistant Editor of Runner’s World magazine, writing articles on training and nutrition and travelling the country to report on – and sometimes compete in – running events. I’ve never been as fit as I was then.”

“I was dancing in my mother’s heels to the Spice Girls.”

“I was at school, getting extremely excited over England’s prospects at Euro 96.”

“I was working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at local swimming pools. All necessary skills for account management – we do often feel like we’re drowning!”

“It’s a bit misty, but I was probably telling my 16-year-old daughter, ‘You are NOT going out dressed like that!’, and berating number two son for mocking number one son on his need for an asthma pump by running up to him with a bicycle pump and saying ‘Don’t forget your pump, Daniel!’ Or, most likely, embarrassing all three by dancing around the living room to Ooh aah just a little bit by Gina G.”

“I was working in my first job post-university on £7,000 p.a. My dad told me to start earning some money. It was a low-end local job on an industrial estate, and I remember asking my colleague not to smoke in the Portacabin we shared!”

“I would have been at school, unless it was a Friday night, when I’d most likely have been at the Waterworld aqua disco with the boys, trying to pick up girls in our swimwear. Classy!”

“14… hmm… at school… I was in Rome on a music tour!”

“I was designing yoga, wine and sex books for Hamlyn and playing table-football in the attic at work.”

“I can’t actually remember, as I presume I was in nappies at the time.”

“Setting up an agency.”

Published Apr 22, 2016

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