Content marketing inspiration for internal communicators

by Wardour – Apr 15, 2019

In a world where every communication has to compete harder to win attention, we are all now marketers: we all have to sell our messages more powerfully. But how do you do that without eroding trust?

Nowhere is this more important to get right than in the world of internal communications. In this session, the team at Wardour will explore some key principles of content marketing, picked up over more than 20 years, that we have found are also really important for successful internal communications.

So, if your goal is more inspiring employee engagement, join us to discover the content marketing lessons that could make a critical difference to your internal communications plan.

Thursday 23 May, 2019, 8.30am to 10am


Wardour, 5th Floor, Drury House,
34-43 Russell Street,
London WC2B 5HA

A light breakfast will be served.

To reserve a place at our breakfast seminar, please contact or call us on 020 7 010 0999

Published Apr 15, 2019

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