About Us

Our story

Wardour is a communications and marketing agency born out of the world of customer magazines.

It’s a useful place to have started, because creators of customer magazines have long realised it is powerful content that truly inspires audiences to engage with, and trust, a brand.

We first set up shop in 1996. There were four of us back then, and even 18 years ago, digital was part of our DNA: one of our founders was a consultant from NatWest who’d been exploring the power of a new thing called the internet… The other founders were Financial Times journalists and a creative director.

For the next 11 years, we found ourselves steadily pulled back towards the world of print, because email didn’t have the power of post. We developed into a top 10 customer publishing agency, focusing on membership, finance and business. Digital was a nice-to-have for our clients.

Then Lehmans happened, and necessity became the mother of invention. Clients could no longer afford 12 print issues a year. But we could not afford to stop working for them.

So we rediscovered our digital roots and helped our clients transition to a life online. And ever since Steve Jobs launched the iPhone and iPad, the momentum in that direction has accelerated.

It has meant thinking in a different way to an old-school publisher. Today, we create integrated content strategies and digital processes that form part of our IP.

Our offering now is focused on one core goal: helping clients achieve digital transformation in their marketing and communications.

That doesn’t mean we hate print. Far from it. We still love it. And it’s easier to love today, because it’s no longer the only gig in town – it’s not just a commodity.

Our print strategies celebrate the medium, and we use paper to create an impact.

At Wardour, we pride ourselves on helping clients deliver true engagement in a multi-platform world, and we use insight and imagination in all we do.

From a starting team of four, there are now 50 of us. We like this size: not so big that the principals are remote from the clients, but not so small as to be unstable. In fact, you could think of us as the Goldilocks agency – except we also pride ourselves on our integrity, more than could be said for that little blonde housebreaker.