About Us

Brand newsrooms

​We pride ourselves on being journalistically led. Back in the day, our CEO was a reporter at the Financial Times and our MD was a reporter at the Sunday Times.

Today, this journalist skillset is more important then ever. Audiences expect content to be at their fingertips at the time that is right for them – they don’t want to wait for the moment that is right for the brand. Brands have to be able to create and share content quickly and accurately.

To help clients achieve this we have an agency content calendar that covers the upcoming year. We personalise this agency calendar for each client to create a content agenda that is unique for them, right for their messages and relevant to their audiences.

An always-on approach to content creation requires a change of culture. It shifts the process of commissioning and sharing content to something that is more typically found in a media newsroom than a traditional comms or marketing function.

With a background in mainstream news media, we are highly experienced in advising clients on how to set up their teams to create a strategy for the future.